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Behind The Brand

Products designed for Karl, by Karl. Quality tack can be hard to come by. When you want something that fits perfect, is made to withstand time, and has quality hardware - if you can't find it - you design your own. Each and every product was curated to fill a void that Karl saw in his tack. Nothing was originally made for sale. These are the actual products used by him, in his stables, and on his horses. Because these are designed for his use, they are built with no planned obsolescence, that may result in selling less products because you won't have to replace them often. As it should be. You're paying for quality, not the brand.

Who We Are

He is a US Show Jumper. He has ridden on multiple Nation's Cup Teams. He is a 3x World Cup competitor. He is the winner of the 2022 CSI5* Hampton Classic. He is a 3x Gold Medalist at Young Riders. He loves his dog more than anything. He is not afraid to speak his mind. He is KARL COOK. ​

Due to his lack of friends, Karl has an affinity for talking to his camera. Walking & Talking was brought to life following a class at the Kentucky Horse Park when he pulled out his phone while walking back to the barn to describe the round he just had on his horse Tembla. What started as an Instagram story - a way for him to help his own processing by putting words to what he was feeling in the ring - evolved into a platform for sharing his opinion and insights, what he's learned throughout his career, and addressing topics related to equestrian sport... and he certainly doesn't shy away from controversy. 

Karl Cook & His Dog Blueberry


You know her. You love her. She is Miss Blueberry. 

Karl adopted her in 2019 and she quickly became the star of his Instagram. Blueberry loves to spend her days sun bathing at the barn or exploring new places as she travels around with Karl. Everyone knows that she is the one in charge. 

Karl Cook
Transparent Pricing
Karl's deep love for his horses drives him to find the best products possible. When designing products for himself, he made sure to not cut corners when looking for raw materials. Karl does what it takes to give his horses the best, and if that means spending a little more, he does. ​ The purpose of this store was to never make a huge profit, rather provide the industry with long-lasting products. To make sure you never pay more than what it is worth, the only place you will ever find our products for sale is from us. We want you to trust the brand both by the quality of our work and the transparency of our communication. ​ The BEST products for a FAIR price.

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"It’s a sign of how influential FarmVet is. Very few tack shops at the shows now stock everything you need. From supplements to tack to your various stable products, because FarmVet does it so well, no-one does the stable products anymore. It’s just the best sign of how effective FarmVet is and how much people prefer to work with them." ​ - Karl Cook

Walking & Talking

What started as a top show jumper analyzing his rounds for others to learn has now adapted into a passion for education. Karl hates how most people are taught, and he wants knowledge to be free for those that have the desire to look for it. The goal is to make our sport more accessible. Additionally, he wants to provide a platform for equestrians to discover new techniques, grow as horse men and women, and spark conversation within the industry.