You are unique! Plan Accordingly with a Single Page Life Plan

An example of a Single Page Life Plan

It has been said by many people, in a variety of ways that people who don’t care where they are going, don’t need a road map. The rest of us, however, recognize the value of adding direction to our lives. Of setting a course that aims us towards our  dreams and aspirations.You are unique! Plan accordingly!

  • CEO’s need a business plan,
  • Coaches need a game plan,
  • Builders need an architectural plan,
  • Pilots need a flight plan,
  • Leaders need a life plan!

You need a Single Page Life Plan!

A Single Page Life Page is fast, simple, and life-changing. It is personal to you.  Choose:

  • A Mission Statement that you want to achieve,
  • Life Categories that give focus,
  • Action Steps that keep you on track
  • Coins you can spend
  • Attitudes you want to maintain,
  • Potholes you need to avoid, and
  • Skills you want to promote.

Avoid the Clutter! Priorities have to earn their way to page one!

Peripheries are not priorities. Peripheries in your life have to earn their way to page one. Until then, they are just distractions; they are clutter. They are the 2nd and 3rd ideas that get in the way of your 1st good idea. Don’t let your laser beam focus be diffused by a wide array of useless, energy-zapping activities.

Keep your plan flexible!

Your plan is a working plan that you will want to:

  • Continually update
  • Edit
  • Change

A life plan is to be used as a tool not adored! Be prepared to take a pen or pencil to it. Scratch it up! Your plan should be nimble so you can adapt quickly to changes-in-priority.

Tell others!

Studies show that you are more likely to achieve success while on a diet if you share your goals with friends, family, and colleagues. It is a positive challenge for you to share your life plan with others. This will:

  • Motivate yourself to stay accountable to your goals,
  • Empower others to help assist you in achieving your quest!

American Founding Father, Thomas Paine, once said:

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody, ought not be trusted by anybody.”

Create a Single Page Life Plan for free online

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Create your own Single Page Life Plan free! And have a prosperous 2016!

Garrett Scanlon

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