Single Page Checklist for Buying Apartments

A checklist for Buying Apartments

My book, Single Page Life Plan explains how you can extend single page planning to all of your important projects and ventures. Single Page Checklists are a ‘catch-all’ for special projects that you can review regularly to stay focused.

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For example, the Single Page Checklist for Buying Apartments summarizes on a single page the 4-color, 6 page laminated flyer I created that explains:

  • How to build your team of advisors.
  • Things to consider in putting together contracts.
  • Important questions you need to ask the seller of apartments you are buying.
  • The important questions to ask to obtain favorable financing.
  • How to select a good property management company.
  • The types of insurance you need to consider.
  • Criteria of good multifamily property.
  • Ways to continue to learn more about investment real estate.

This format can work for all of your projects.

Other examples of Single Page Checklists that I have on my blog include:

You can use a Single Page Checklist to implement a social media plan for your company, a new product plan, or a new fundraising campaign. And the great thing about having your plan on a single page, is that it keeps every on your team on the same page together. Everyone stay laser-focused on the steps needed to achieve the goal!

With a Single Page Checklist, Priorities must earn their way to page one!

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